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Harrison Fleming animation of William Blake's Newton for Mark Bowler's song called The Fly's


Fragments of Experience

In collaboration with Composer and AI filmmaker Mark Bowler, Animator Harrison Fleming and Soprano Marianna Suri, this new work showcases William Blake as a prescient proto-environmentalist, more relevant now than ever. Premiere on Nov 10th


Henny Penny

A toy theatre production of a children's opera by Julian Phillips and Stephen Plaice. Designed as an educational tool for language and music provision in Primary Schools. The first releases will be in French and English, with German, Spanish and Italian versions in development.

Cover shot for Positive Note's series of films, Breaking the Silence, Bach's B Minor Mass with Oxford Bach Soloists


Breaking the Silence

A large scale multi-location music, art and film project, presenting Bach's B Minor Mass in four episodes, and documenting the lockdown experiences of the artists and institutions featured.


On Wenlock Edge

A shadow-puppet film by Jeremy Hamway-Bidgood, created to be live-edited during performances of Ralph Vaughan-Williams's song cycle. Subsequently released as a multi-award winning cinematic version.

Film Poster 02 copy.jpg
Oxford Bach Choir, Robert Quinney, Sheldonian Theatre


Oxford Bach Choir

We live streamed this lockdown performance of Duruflé's Requiem and Fauré's Cantique de Jean Racine from the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford. Also featuring the poet Alice Oswald. It raised £1700 for the Oxford Hospitals Charity


Sarong Song

Kitty Whately and Simon Lepper perform Lori Laitman's evocative song in this award winning film. A blend of live performance and pan and zoom footage of illustrations by Ian Beck.

Award winning film of Lori Laitman's Sarong Song, text by David Mason, Kitty Whately mezzo-soprano, Simon Lepper Piano Illustrations by Ian Beck
David Crown come and sing faure requiem and prayer for Ukraine filmed in SJE Arts


A Prayer for Ukraine

We live streamed this fundraising concert from SJE Arts in Oxford. The stream raised £15,000 for charities helping with the crisis in Ukraine. A "Come and Sing" performance of Fauré's Requiem conducted by David Crown with Roderick Williams and Harriet Burns.


Autumn Sessions

A series of concerts produced during the lockdown, crowdfunded and ticketed so that the artists could perform and be paid for the first time in months

Performers for Positive Note Autumn Sessions. Charlotte Brennand, Daniel Norman, Claire Egan, Wilfred Norman, Sholto Kynoch, Anna Dennis, Diana Moore, Roderick Williams, Mitsu Trio, Daniel Pailthorpe, Gesualdo Six, Marta Fontanals-Simmons, Julian Milford, Jonathan Stone, Emily Pailthorpe, Helen Sherman, Catriona Scott
New College Choir song room, empty durting the pandemic



A pair of lockdown films made with New Colllege Choir and the Oxford Bach Soloists


St John Passion from Isolation

The original large scale lockdown performance. Bach's St John Passion from the early days of the pandemic (we started before the lockdown), raising over £16,000 for Help Musicians. With live painting by Paolo Troilo and a stunning line-up of perfomers.

Split screen image of all the perfomers in their own rooms for the final chorale of Positive Note's St John Passion from Isolation Kings Singers, Oxford Bach Soloists
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